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Date 2020-02-15


The Institute was founded in 1996 with its research covering three fields, namely Library and Information Science, Archive Science and Museology. The Institute was renamed as the “Graduate Institute of Library, Information & Archival Studies” in 2003 to promote the teaching and research in the fields of Library and Information Science and Archive Science.

In 2009, we added a new master program, E-learning Master Program of Library and Information Studies, which is the first MA program by the way of distance education to get the certificate. Also, we established PhD Program in 2011.

The Instituted was established with the goals to develop libraries with equal weights on theory and practice, to foster superior professionals for the library information service and archives management organizations, and to promote fusion with other relevant disciplines. We also provides inter-university courses for students to facilitate flexible study in cooperation with other universities, to understand the development of the libraries and archives and dominate the multifaceted information environment in hopes of cultivating hi-tech professionals competent to meet the challenges of the knowledge economy era, and ultimately launching the information service to a new level. Presently, the major academic research of the Institute covers: Library and Information Science, Archival Science, Digital Library, Digital Learning and Informetrics, and academic publishing and spreading and so on.

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